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dbus-cxx-xml2cpp generates proxy and adapter interfaces from modified DBus XML introspection documents.
  • -x –xml : The xml file to process
  • -p –prefix : A prefix to prepend to all output files
  • -f –file : Send output to files with naming class_proxy.h and class_adapter.h
  • –proxy : Generate a proxy interface
  • –adapter : Generate an adapter interface
  • –verbose : Generate verbose processing info
Extended DBus XML attributes
dbus-cxx-xml2cpp in some cases needs information above and beyond that provided in a dbus introspection document. This information can be supplied by adding additional attributes to key nodes.
The extended attributes per XML element are:
  • node
    • cppname - The base name of the c++ class adapter and proxy
    • gen-namespace - The namespace the c++ adapter and proxy will be generated into
    • orig-namespace - The namespace of the object being adapted
    • dest - Used to create a default value for the dest parameter of a proxy
    • path - Used to create a default value for the path parameter of both proxies and adapters
    • cppinclude - A free form string that will follow a #include line in the adapter
    • file-prefix - A per-node filename prefix prepended to the class name on output
  • interface
    • ignored - If set to "1" this interface will not be built for the proxy or adapter
  • signal
    • accessor - The accessor method used to obtain the adaptee's signal
    • ignored - If set to "1" this signal will not be built for the proxy or adapter
  • method
    • cppname - Renames the DBus method to the provided name in the proxy and adapter
    • const - Makes the proxy method a const method (useful when subclassing virtual methods)
    • virtual - Prefixes the method with keyword virtual (useful for improving readability of virtual methods)
  • arg
    • cpptype - Defines the C++ type to be used when creating proxies/adapters for this argument. Useful for wrapping enumerations.

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