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Using pkgconfig

Although this is a bit more in-depth than I planned for a quick start tutorial I thought I'd include this little blurb on using pkgconfig to help with setting your application to use dbus-cxx.

dbus-cxx is distributed with two (at the current time) pkgconfig .pc files named dbus-cxx-1.0.pc and dbus-cxx-glibmm-1.0.pc. If you installed the Fedora dbus-cxx-devel or dbus-cxx-glibmm-devel packages you'll find these files installed in a directory named /pkgconfig under in your architecture's library directory (probably /usr/lib/pkgconfig or /usr/lib64/pkgconfig ).

Using pkg-config with autotools

If you are using autotools, modify configure.ac (or configure.in ) with the following lines:

PKG_CHECK_MODULES(PROJECT_DBUSCXX,[dbus-cxx-1.0 >= 0.7.0])

You can then use the symbols PROJECT_DBUSCXX_LIBS and PROJECT_DBUSCXX_CFLAGS in your Makefile.am files. For example, if you have a application named fooapp your Makefile.am might look like this:

bin_PROGRAMS = fooapp
fooapp_SOURCES = fooapp.cpp

Using pkg-config with QT

Because of QTs signal/slot mechanism, dbus-cxx will not work directly with QT. There are a few things that need to be modified in the .pro file of your project. Add/change the following lines:

CONFIG += no_keywords
unix:CONFIG += link_pkgconfig
unix:PKGCONFIG += dbus-cxx-1.0

At any point in your QT program, you need to use QT signals or slots, use the macros Q_SIGNALS or Q_SLOTS to define your signals/slots

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