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DBus::Watch Class Reference

Provides file descriptor watches. More...

#include <watch.h>

Public Types

typedef DBusCxxPointer< Watchpointer
typedef DBusCxxWeakPointer< Watchweak_pointer

Public Member Functions

 ~Watch ()
bool is_valid () const
 operator bool () const
int unix_fd () const
int socket () const
unsigned int flags () const
bool is_readable () const
bool is_writable () const
bool is_enabled () const
bool handle (unsigned int flags)
bool handle_read (bool error=false, bool hangup=false)
bool handle_write (bool error=false, bool hangup=false)
bool handle_readwrite (bool error=false, bool hangup=false)
DBusWatch * cobj ()
const DBusWatch * cobj () const
 operator DBusWatch * ()

Static Public Member Functions

static pointer create (DBusWatch *cobj=NULL)

Protected Member Functions

 Watch (DBusWatch *cobj=NULL)

Protected Attributes

DBusWatch * m_cobj

Detailed Description

Provides file descriptor watches.

Typically used by connections as requested by the underlying dbus library.

Rick L Vinyard Jr rviny.nosp@m.ard@.nosp@m.cs.nm.nosp@m.su.e.nosp@m.du

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef DBusCxxPointer<Watch> DBus::Watch::pointer
typedef DBusCxxWeakPointer<Watch> DBus::Watch::weak_pointer

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

DBus::Watch::Watch ( DBusWatch *  cobj = NULL)

References m_cobj.

Referenced by create().

DBus::Watch::~Watch ( )

Member Function Documentation

DBusWatch * DBus::Watch::cobj ( )

References m_cobj.

const DBusWatch * DBus::Watch::cobj ( ) const

References m_cobj.

Watch::pointer DBus::Watch::create ( DBusWatch *  cobj = NULL)
unsigned int DBus::Watch::flags ( ) const
bool DBus::Watch::handle ( unsigned int  flags)

References is_valid(), and m_cobj.

Referenced by handle_read(), handle_readwrite(), and handle_write().

bool DBus::Watch::handle_read ( bool  error = false,
bool  hangup = false 
bool DBus::Watch::handle_readwrite ( bool  error = false,
bool  hangup = false 
bool DBus::Watch::handle_write ( bool  error = false,
bool  hangup = false 
bool DBus::Watch::is_enabled ( ) const

References is_valid(), and m_cobj.

bool DBus::Watch::is_readable ( ) const

References flags(), and DBus::WATCH_READABLE.

bool DBus::Watch::is_valid ( ) const

References m_cobj.

Referenced by flags(), handle(), is_enabled(), socket(), and unix_fd().

bool DBus::Watch::is_writable ( ) const

References flags(), and DBus::WATCH_WRITABLE.

DBus::Watch::operator bool ( ) const
DBus::Watch::operator DBusWatch * ( )
int DBus::Watch::socket ( ) const

References is_valid(), and m_cobj.

int DBus::Watch::unix_fd ( ) const

References is_valid(), and m_cobj.

Member Data Documentation

DBusWatch* DBus::Watch::m_cobj

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