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DBus::Path Class Reference

#include <path.h>

Inherits std::string.

Public Types

typedef std::vector< std::string > Decomposed

Public Member Functions

 Path ()
 Path (const std::string &s, size_type pos=0, size_type n=npos)
 Path (const char *)
 Path (const char *s, size_type n)
 Path (size_type n, char c)
template<class InputIterator >
 Path (InputIterator first, InputIterator last)
 ~Path ()
 operator bool () const
bool is_valid () const
Decomposed decomposed () const
 Decomposes the string into its component elements. More...
bool append_element (const std::string &element)
 Adds the element string to the path ensuring delimeters are properly taken care of. More...

Detailed Description

Rick L Vinyard Jr rviny.nosp@m.ard@.nosp@m.cs.nm.nosp@m.su.e.nosp@m.du
calculator_client.cpp, and calculator_watcher.cpp.

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef std::vector<std::string> DBus::Path::Decomposed

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

DBus::Path::Path ( )
DBus::Path::Path ( const std::string &  s,
size_type  pos = 0,
size_type  n = npos 
DBus::Path::Path ( const char *  s)
DBus::Path::Path ( const char *  s,
size_type  n 
DBus::Path::Path ( size_type  n,
char  c 
template<class InputIterator >
DBus::Path::Path ( InputIterator  first,
InputIterator  last 
DBus::Path::~Path ( )

Member Function Documentation

bool DBus::Path::append_element ( const std::string &  element)

Adds the element string to the path ensuring delimeters are properly taken care of.

An element that contains invalid characters will not be added to the path.

True if the element was succesfully added, false otherwise.


Path::Decomposed DBus::Path::decomposed ( ) const

Decomposes the string into its component elements.

If the path is invalid or non-existant an empty vector will be returned.

If the path is the root path a vector containing a single empty string will be returned. In this way a valid root path is differentiated from an invalid or empty path.

References is_valid().

bool DBus::Path::is_valid ( ) const


Referenced by decomposed().

DBus::Path::operator bool ( ) const

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