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DBus::MessageFilter Class Reference

This class provides a common base class for all message filters. More...

#include <messagefilter.h>

Inheritance diagram for DBus::MessageFilter:
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Public Types

typedef DBusCxxPointer
< MessageFilter
typedef DBusCxxWeakPointer
< MessageFilter
- Public Types inherited from DBus::MessageHandler
typedef DBusCxxPointer
< MessageHandler
typedef DBusCxxWeakPointer
< MessageHandler
typedef sigc::signal
< HandlerResult,
DBusCxxPointer< Connection >
, Message::const_pointer >
< MessageHandlerAccumulator

Public Member Functions

virtual ~MessageFilter ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from DBus::MessageHandler
virtual ~MessageHandler ()
virtual HandlerResult handle_message (DBusCxxPointer< Connection >, Message::const_pointer)
 The default implementation simply emits the message signal and returns the result. More...
MessageSignalsignal_message ()

Protected Member Functions

 MessageFilter ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from DBus::MessageHandler
 MessageHandler ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from DBus::MessageHandler
static DBusHandlerResult message_handler_callback (DBusConnection *connection, DBusMessage *message, void *user_data)
 When used as a callback, this method expects. More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from DBus::MessageHandler
MessageSignal m_signal_message

Detailed Description

This class provides a common base class for all message filters.

Rick L Vinyard Jr rviny.nosp@m.ard@.nosp@m.cs.nm.nosp@m.su.e.nosp@m.du

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef DBusCxxWeakPointer<MessageFilter> DBus::MessageFilter::weak_pointer

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

DBus::MessageFilter::MessageFilter ( )
DBus::MessageFilter::~MessageFilter ( )

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